Best Solutions Prevision LLC is a funeral assistance company, incorporated and certified in the United States, under the precept of Adding Value to people who are going through the painful experience of losing a loved one. We generate a great social impact through our solution that fully and efficiently solves the “inevitable problem” of a death.

For this reason, our vision is to democratize the privilege of a dignified burial for all human beings.

We advance in our vision through corporate portfolio profitability programs and employee loyalty programs with our funeral prevision solutions; and individual care programs for emergencies or immediate needs, for when a person dies without having been able to be part of any welfare program.

We resolve the concern of having to make decisions at a time of great psychological stress and deep emotional pain.

The grieving family will have everything resolved with just a phone call, so they can have the space to attend to the emotional needs of their loved ones.

Together with our strategic allies, we have a solid worldwide Funeral Network (more than 10,000 funeral homes) that operates with high quality standards, guaranteeing operational efficiency and seriousness in the application of our funeral solution.

We Are BSP
Delivering Solid and Sustainable Results
Commercial Presence
  • Our headquarters are located in Jupiter, Florida, USA.
  • We serve both the US market and all of Latin America.
Meet our leadership team

Our exceptionally collaborative and passionate people work alongside our clients every step of the way, caring more, telling it like it is, to anticipate and overcome all barriers to change.

María del Carmen Ríos

President - CEO
Bolivian by birth, Economist, with an MBA in Insurance Business Administration - Risk Management; extensive experience in the funeral industry in Bolivia for many years; He has worked with AON Insurance in the area of insurance and reinsurance, specifically in microinsurance. She is also a specialist in the design and administration of funeral products and solutions.

Richard Archer

Chief Commercial Officer - CCO
Venezuelan by birth, with an MBA in Business Administration, and experience in the area of financial services, investments and insurance. He joined BSP in 2020 as a broker for clients, until in 2021 when he joined the organization.
Credibility in our local market is part of our vision